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The following testimonials all come from real clients and customers. Where possible I’ve given a photo and website address, although some people understandably prefer not to be in the public eye.

All of these are 100% genuine

When I told my friends I was going to see a herbal guru for some pick-me-up advice, they looked at me puzzled. “But Shazzie, what can anyone tell you about food?” I smiled, knowing that no-one knows it all!

Teetering on my 41st birthday, approaching winter solstice and feeling like my mojo was hiding under the sofa, I confided in Elwin for a good couple of hours. I’d hurt my arm a few weeks before and my body shut down in response to it. More… I was still grieving, still recovering from four years breastfeeding and a house move.

All these things take their toll, and I knew I just needed a tweak from an expert to feel like my usual ecstatic self again. Three blends of herbs and several days later, I already felt the effect, on every level. I have never felt any need to organise my life before, preferring to boast about my chaotic and erratic days.

Suddenly I found myself delighting in writing in my calendar and seeing the benefit of getting more juice out of life by not tripping over myself constantly. This is part of the balance that Elwin has brought to me, yet it only scratches the surface.

I’ve always had a lot of energy but it sometimes felt like it leaked inappropriately. That’s gone. I feel so grounded I’ve almost taken root, and previous obsessions have dissolved into the ether. What a hidden gem Elwin is, I’m so glad he twinkled in my direction!

Shazzie, Author of Detox Your World, Naked Chocolate, Evie’s Kitchen and Ecstatic Beings, Creator of Shazzie Speaks and Shazzies VIP Room,,,

On discovering this approach, finally, for the first time, I felt real hope, and even excitement. Here’s someone who understood, was completely non-judgmental, and explained everything in a way I could completely understand and relate to. And best of all, I wasn’t left having to commit to something I couldn’t commit to.

I hope he and this program helps you as much as it’s helped me. Thank you, Elwin.

Sarma Melngailis, Founder and Executive Chef at Pure Food and Wine, the world’s top Raw Food Restaurant, Author of Living Raw Food and Raw Food Real World and President of – Testimonial from her introduction to the program.

This programme is brilliant! REALLY brilliant! It’s exactly what I was looking for – a few small tweaks and changes I can make to assure myself I’m doing everything possible to optimise my health.

I found you via your article in Get Fresh magazine. I was attracted not only by the tremendous common sense of what you were saying, but also by the way in which you said it. The piece was so well-written. This programme is just the same. You have a real gift for conveying your message in a straightforward, concise and readable way. It really does what you set out to do – brings everything together in a ‘Do this, this and this to get that result’ type format. No more or less than is needful. I can’t believe no-one has produced something as simple yet comprehensive as this before. That’s its brilliance.


Following Elwin’s approach provided with me the necessary energy to achieve goals that others would describe as impossible. I have interviewed Elwin many times during my Reality TV program, ‘Decision to Be’ as I see him as a man who really knows his stuff when it comes to health, herbs, and nutrition. He really cares about seeing others do well and will always ensure that he provides me with the optimum fuel to get the job done! Thank you Elwin.

Ollie Heath, Motivational Facilitator, Teacher, Musician, Actor and Writer.,

I had a consultation with Elwin after weeks of suffering with a very bad viral infection and at a very low ebb health wise. The consultation was very friendly, relaxed and with a real focus on finding out about my general way of life emotionally, physically and mentally. He unearthed a few home truths and things I hadn’t even realised!

The herbs prescribed after this meeting had a profound effect on my health within days and since then I have gone from strength to strength. I made a full recovery with a week and I am looking forward to meeting up again very soon. Elwin’s a great guy with a very deep knowledge of herbal medicine and a real passion to help people in their everyday life.

Aaron Baum, Martial Arts Instructor

I contacted Elwin at Lion Heart Herbs because I wanted to get a sound solution to health problems I was experiencing for the past few years. The biggest problem I had been facing was finding someone who had the expertise and able to guide me through a process that would transform my health.

My consultation with Elwin was fantastic. It was clear that he is a genuine person who really wants to help others. He gave me great advice based on my circumstances and goals and this was based on sound principles of health. Just the conversation itself made me feel better about things.

Elwin also tailor made herbs to suit my needs and was able to give me very informative knowledge about my own body. I learned a lot and was extremely pleased with the supplements and consultations provided by Lion Heart Herbs. If you really want to take ownership of your health and wellbeing and be guided by an expert who can help you realise your health goals then I would highly recommend Elwin. This has been one of the best investments I have made in my health.

Chiraag Swaly, IT Trainer & NLP Practitioner,

Ever since I was a little girl I had this huge belly and skinny arms and legs. People sometimes ask me when the baby’s due! I have been on loads of eating plans including the raw food way – which I love and I intuitively know is best for me. But, my belly was still hanging in there! I have been searching for clues to my imbalance since my late teens, till now, and at the age of 42, I finally understand the cause and the cure.

I found Elwin by chance online and I’m so glad I did. I felt really comfortable discussing my issues with Elwin, he’s extremely knowledgeable, caring and down to earth. I found the consultation hugely interesting and it was a great relief for me to finally understand why I had the problems I had, as I had begun to think I would always have the imbalance.

Elwin recommended Strength for my spleen imbalance and Serenity for my hot heart (I was easily stressed out). I have been taking them for a month now and I feel calmer and more assertive. The serenity is something I felt the effects of from the first cup, I felt instantly relaxed, it was lovely. It is too soon to say what is happening with my belly – Elwin recommends 3 months. I am confident that taking these wonderful herbs, along with the greens and nutritional advice from Elwin I will get there.

Amanda Kay, Yoga Teacher

Elwin was extremely knowledgeable about his subject and I learned a great deal about the Taoist attitude to health as a result of his enthusiasm and experience. The herbs that Elwin prescribed were far more easy to prepare (and take) than I was expecting. After just a few days, the effects were quite dramatic: increased energy levels, clarity of thought and a general feeling of overall wellbeing which is ongoing.

Adrian Dobbie, Graphic Designer,

I am loving the herbs, really starting to see the effects already. Would go as far as saying that it’s one of the best health decisions I have made in a long time – Cheers man.

Andreas Demetriou, Healer and event organiser,

Within the first five minutes of my consultation with Elwin, aspects of Chinese Medicine that I had not understood during years of my own studies, suddenly became perfectly clear. I was able to put the theory into practice and found I got the healing that I needed. I also felt totally supported by the space he held for me and felt safe in his knowledge. Thank you Elwin.

Lucidia Omamori, Singer

I found Elwin’s expanse of knowledge in terms of health very insightful. Its clear his passion is to help people improve their performance and wellbeing. After his consultation I followed his advice and drunk the Taoist tonic herbs. After about one month I had no cravings for anything sweet and this was one of my biggest weaknesses – I loved sweet things…. My journey continues and no doubt improvements will continue to be made…. Thanks so much, I’ll be coming back for more soon…

Ben Nash, Film Producer,

Elwin’s knowledge in the health and nutrition arena is so vast it is as though he has developed a way to link his brain directly to the internet. Since drinking his Lion Heart Herbs tonics I have not only noticed the health benefits on multiple levels but also how ludicrously moreish a health tonic can become. Keep up the good work.

Lewis Packman, Graphic Designer and Photographer

Well done Elwin, your dedication to this cause is plainly obvious and the hope you convey is truly contagious. I hope you continue to find ways in which us sufferers can improve our various conditions which conventional medicine simply cannot match.

Keep up the good work..


Was of today I have lost 12lbs, stopped my diabetes medication (metformin), my carbazamine for mytrigeminal neuralgia and 3″ off my waist. This project was influenced by your videos on getting your body back to an alkaline state.

Thank you my friend. I am so grateful.


Thanks so much for this Elwin, good job I didn’t miss it. I’m listening right now. You know I support this subject passionately, and I’m sure everybody can benefit greatly from this info.”


Thank you for all your programs, information and formulas

Bless you!

Bright Blessings from sunshiney Arizona”


Do you realise what a difference YOU make??? I have read about these things for some time, and even tried following similar regimes, but it is YOUR personal touch, encouragement and enthusiasm that are making such a difference this time. I am not just reading or dabbling, but actually doing and living it! THANK YOU!!!

 Bright wishes from Sky

First off, I am so grateful that you are providing such high quality information! It is fantastic! I am so impressed!

I absolutely loved the interview part, I really think that you have got onto something really key that no one has touched upon in the raw community! …. The whole idea that the root of laziness, procrastination, de-motivation is essentially just a lack of reserve energy and blockages…. and it is the kidney jing that needs to be built up to cure exhaustion!

Really amazing work Elwin, and I sincerely hope you get to work with a lot of people on this because I think your information and knowledge is really fantastic and so helpful.

Thanks for sharing all your wisdom!

Holly Champion

Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me at and I’ll personally get back to you as soon as possible.

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