Over 90% of the western world suffers from exhaustion, stress and/or anxiety at some point in their lives. Over 70% of people suffer from these conditions most of their lives.

Over 90% of the western world is addicted to refined sugars and stimulants like tea, coffee, tobacco, chocolate, alcohol, cocaine and caffeinated soft drinks.

These two figures are most definitely related.

The results of this chronic addiction to stimulants and sugar are severely detrimental to the individual, the society and the world.

On an individual level, daily stimulant use leads to:

Physical weakness, as stimulants drain you of vital energy, leaving you open to pain, sickness and disease.

Mental depletion, as your central nervous system gets chronically over-stimulated, before long leaving you in a mental fog much of the time, struggling to focus or comprehend anything new.

Emotional turbulence, as your blood sugar levels destabilize, your average day becomes an emotional roller coaster, which is exhausting and overwhelming, and feels intolerable without another hit of your stimulant of choice.

A loss of integrity, caused by the internal conflict engendered by stimulant addiction, as you sense deep down that your addiction doesn’t ultimately serve you, or those around you, or the planet, yet you find it almost impossible to stop.

On a societal level, when you’re stressed, exhausted and addicted, you’re rarely living up to your highest potential, as this requires a significant amount of energy.

Even if you are living up to your highest potential, by sheer willpower, if you’re also stressed, exhausted and using stimulants, then you won’t be living up to your highest potential for very long, you’ll burn out and collapse.

Anyone not living up to their full potential for as long as they can is a terrible waste from society’s point of view. Imagine all the good they could have done. What creative solutions might they have implemented to better us all, if only they’d had the energy to see it through?

Imagine a world where not only did people in more affluent countries have the opportunity to live up their full potential in theory, as they do now, but they actually had enough energy to really grasp and follow through on that potential. What sort of society would we live in? What sort of world would we create if we were free of energy depletion and addiction?

On a planetary level, the cost of the western world’s stimulant use is exorbitant.

Currently over 25% of the worlds agricultural resources is being used to grow stimulants and refined sugars. At the same time 40,000 children die every day of starvation.

My aim is to reduce this figure to under 3% of our agricultural resources being used to grow stimulants and refined sugar by 2030, and less than 40 children a day dying of starvation.

I understand that prohibition of any drug has never really worked, therefore the only way to achieve this figure is to:

Educate people about stimulants and sugar, what they are, what they do and how they work.

Offer a truly appealing and realistic alternative, teaching about economizing the energy of the body, how to get more energy, how to stop it from being wasted, why this is so important, and what you can do with this energy if you have it.

Offer that solution in a way that is compelling, simple and easy to use.

When people in the western world learn these distinctions about stimulants and sugar, and apply them to their lives, the results will be truly extraordinary.

Free of stimulant and sugar addiction, we will be empowered by the abundance of energy we no longer waste, and the relative comfort and freedom we enjoy in the western world, as well as the compassion naturally present in people but sadly lacking in those who use drugs, including stimulants, to distract and numb themselves.

We’ll naturally use our abundant energy, compassion and freedom to create and implement solutions that will bring about abundance for everyone on Earth, so that ultimately no one has to struggle just to survive, everyone has their basic needs met for quality food, water, clothes and shelter, and everyone has the opportunity to learn and develop themselves so they in turn can express their full potential and contribute to the world.

Demand for stimulants and sugar, mostly grown in the third world, will decrease, while simultaneously demand for superfoods and herbs will inevitably increase, as people realise what an excellent substitute they are. Lion Heart Solutions is committed to helping provide education on all aspects of growing these new, healthier, more resource efficient crops, in the place of sugar and stimulants.

This education will focus on growing these sustainable crops in a way which benefits the land, feeds and benefits the society they’re grown in, and provides high quality nutrition for a new generation of consumers in the western world who will inevitably demand it.

Lion Heart Herbs is determined to make this change in the allocation of world’s resources by reducing exhaustion and concurrently stimulant and refined sugar abuse, to less than 10% of the population in the western world, from the +90% it’s at now.

With this done, all our other goals will be achieved effortlessly. A new era of an abundance, where everyone in the worlds basic needs are met and where everyone has an opportunity to fulfill their potential, will dawn.

It has to. Mutually assured destruction is the only other option. Our current way of life is not sustainable on any level, personal, societal and especially on a planetary level. We’re all in this together, and the sooner we can replace our addictions with something better, something that elevates us rather than keeps us enslaved, the sooner we won’t be able to avoid this simple truth any longer. This realisation is inevitable, the only question is how painful is it going to be?

I believe the targets to be totally realistic, so long as the right information is presented to enough people in the right way, which truly causes people to take action and make a change. This is my specialty.

If you are interested in supporting this happening, please contact me at elwin@easyexhaustioncure.com.